Dear fellow photogs,

What would it take to get you to switch systems? I’ve never owned anything but Canon (and this was what we used in my college newsroom), and therefore feel like a total traitor for even considering selling my current camera to some random convergence person (I don’t think a photo-j would want to use a Rebel XT professionally) and starting up with Nikon. This is not to diss my camera, which has served me well for two and a half years…but I need more firepower, and I can’t decide if I should get it in the form of Canon or Nikon. If I could afford L-Series lenses, this question would not be so much of a problem; I’d just stick with what I have. But Nikon seems to be better for mid-range photojournalism in the overlap of quality and cost (it’s closer to the middle of that particular Venn diagram than Canon seems to be).

Help! Any and all input is much appreciated….