30-Day Story!

I can’t put SoundSlides on this blog, and am still working on setting up a wordpress.org site…soooo in the meantime, here is a link to my final project for Picture Story. This was the third story I tried getting access to for the project (third try’s the charm!), and even though I really wish I had been able to spend more time with the family (more than three days, for starters), I’m still glad I found the story and was able to tell it. I plan to keep working on this next semester, when the new baby’s due date gets closer.

The link is here– I definitely recommend enabling captions.


Holiday Lights!

I went to a “Dinner with Santa” festival tonight (put on by the National Junior Honor Society at one of the St. Louis middle schools) with my final project family, and, between taking photos of pancake tosses and kids making “reindeer food” (oatmeal with glitter mixed in, which seems unhealthy for anyone), made the second annual Lights au Natural photo (or, “How I Would See the Lights If I Took My Glasses Off”). Here’s last year’s, which was taken at the Magic Tree in Columbia:

This year’s is not nearly as brilliantly colorful, but I liked the background of the fake white tree:

And finally, here’s the teeny little tree at my friend Sanya’s apartment (no experimental out-of-focus blurs here, just one fixed 28mm):

Long Time Coming: The 30-Day Job Profile

Our last two assignments in Picture Story are the video job profile and the 30-Day Story. I give to you now the 30-Day Job Profile (I also did the 30-Day Character Profile earlier this semester), which has been in the works since the second week of October. I wish I could just submit this for the actual end-of-term project, since it’s been a real marathon trying to find a subject who’ll stay with the project…but oh well.

Here is a story about a team of ocularists (people who make artificial eyes) in St. Louis. I hope it manages to showcase without being boring, and if it IS boring, please tell me so I can make it better. As always, making the final project better is the ultimate goal.


More on this whole profile saga is under the cut, as I’m guessing people don’t want to read my ramblings-on.

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