Meals in the Meadow, part two

I don’t usually turn my 20mm vertically, because of the distortion factor. But as David Rees says, distortion can be a good thing when it’s used with a purpose…such as, for instance, emphasizing just how big a huge one-ton ox (who kept trying to eat my camera) really is. This photo was taken at the Meals in the Meadow dinner last Saturday.

I wish there was a little more space between Adair’s arm and Jaeli’s head, but overall am pretty happy with the way this photo turned out (are you at all bothered by the feet (and hooves) being cut off? It kind of bothers me, but not enough to kill the overall image).

Long live the wide-angle (-:

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  1. Dear Ivy,
    Catching up on your blog. Very nice! you are catching the vineyard spirit. I noticed your article called “shooting fashion to shooting beauty-“-about the people with disabilities making their own documentary. Since you are a photojournalist, i thought you’d appreciate Witnesses to Hunger. we are giving a talk at the Vineyard Haven Public Library August 10th. Two of the photographers will be there. Would love to talk with you about covering it. It’s part art, part politics, social activism, social justice, human rights, and human interest. I grew up on the vineyard, if that makes a difference to you.

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