Another Fishy Post

Found this in the archives tonight when I was looking for some sports photos from last summer- it’s one of my personal favorite photos, and never, ever fails to make me burst out laughing when I look at it.

Two of the fifteen catfish caught by Bryan Crump and Tim Sherman rest on a table after the weigh-in at the Wilton Boat Club catfish tournament, held June 13 and 14, 2009. Crump and Sherman had the largest haul of the event, as more than half of the boats in the tournament returned empty-handed.

Gone Fishing

There’s a month-long fishing derby going on on the Vineyard right now. I don’t usually shoot the fishing assignments, but the regular photographer was off-Island this weekend, so I got to go photograph the spinoff Kids Derby this morning.

I wish I’d been in a Kids Derby when I was younger….although I probably wouldn’t have cared much for the 6 a.m. start time.

Cheyenne Tilton of Edgartown eyeballs the size of her freshly caught scup. Tilton judged the scup to be too small and opted to throw it back rather than bring it to weigh-in. Entrants in the derby were allowed only one catch for weigh-in.

Tony Giambattisti, left, of Oak Bluffs helps daughter Indigo put fresh bait on her line before she casts off. This is the first year Indigo has entered the derby.

Parents and children line the Steamship Authority Wharf in Oak Bluffs during the Kids Derby. The Derby began at 6 a.m. and ended before ferry service from Oak Bluffs began for the morning.

Anthony Bernard waits as judges measure the size of his freshly caught seabass. Bernard caught his fish just as the derby was ending, but managed to get a weigh-in nonetheless.

Tyla Ben David enters the winner’s circle to receive her prize. Ben David won first prize in the 8 and under division of the Kids Derby.


Some photos from the Cub Scouts/Boy Scouts “Remember 9/11” ceremony last Saturday morning. The moral of this assignment is “Ivy needs a lens hood for her 20mm. Pronto.”

But, as is often the case, my favorite image came from right after the ceremony. The little girl, Savannah, ran right over to her uncle Jeremy, who is captain of the Chilmark Fire Department. So cute! So cute I’ll ignore the fact that it’s a little soft and post it anyway!

XC Invitational + Soccer

In addition to my regular photo and semi-regular photoreporting duties, I’m now the official High School Sports Reporter. At least until the end of the month, after which…I really don’t know what’s happening. I’ll keep you posted!

This weekend there was an invitational cross country meet and a girls’ soccer game. I haven’t shot cross country (or, “How many different ways can you shoot people running?”) since, well, high school, and soccer has never been my thing, so I was happy to have the chance to get more chances to shoot the sports.

I’m also a fan of working the high school beat because my cousin is a sophomore at the school and knows EVERYBODY (plus, she was on the cross country team last year). Not hard to do when you’ve grown up with everybody on this tiny island, but man, does it make figuring out names that much easier. Thanks, Texe!

Teammates cheer on Michael Osborn as he wins the JV race.

Kassidy Bettencourt outpaces her opponent to the finish line.

Thorpe Karabees nears the end of the JV race. (P.S. What is the finger thing he’s doing? Is that a runner thing?)

Emily Cimeno and Shelby Ferry congratulate Sam Oslyn on his medal.

Max Miner crosses the finish line in the boys varsity race.

I like this one the best, since it also sums up the game (in which the Vineyard defense was pushed to the brink by the North Plymoth power offense) nicely.

Hell Week

I don’t know how high schoolers do it.

Last fall I did a project for Picture Story about the Hickman High band, which practices four times a week at 6:30 in the morning. So I had to get up at unseemly hours just to get myself up to the school (this was before I had a car, so I had to walk). But I was only doing that for a week, not a whole football season. I don’t think I have that kind of motivation.

Of course, then, I was assigned to do a story about Hell Week at MVRHS- which is when the athletes do their preseason training. The field hockey team starts practice–yes, starts–at 5:45 in the morning. They don’t stop until past 8:15. The soccer teams are a little more sane; they start at 6:30. But still!

I admit I gave up completely on the 5:45 thing (reason #2353 why I don’t play field hockey). That was when I headed out the door to go up to the practice. (Besides, the light’s terrible at 5:45…right? right?).

This was taken WITH the lens hood on. Yep.