A Christmas Present

My best friend Tegan came to CT last week!

She brought me a few early Christmas gifts, including a handmade dodecahedron die (this, incidentally, is one of my favorite words). Each face had a quote from the family Cape Cod trips that we all took from 2000 to 2005. I don’t think Tegan and I started writing down quotes until ’02 or so, but I’m very glad we did. There are real gems in there, and I love rediscovering them.Semi-coincidentally, the dodecahedron is sitting on an old grocery list from Cape Cod that my mom found earlier this month, which I brought out as soon as I saw the die. We had about eleven people in one house, so grocery time was taken very seriously.

I also got a little baggie of those “grow-a-zoo” capsules you find in your stocking when you’re little. We decided to test them out.

Presto! Instant zoo (I think the green one is supposed to be a hippo).