Running of the Cows!

Herding turkeys was a piece of cake compared with trying to move (notice how deftly I sidestepped a pun there) a herd of cows from one end of the farm to another. They didn’t really want to leave their first pasture and it was, admittedly, a pretty decent haul to the corral near the barn. Also, most of them were pregnant.

But they eventually started moving (sidestepped again!), and were rewarded by lush, green grass (somebody at the farm called it “cow crack”) in the new pasture. I got to ride in the back of the pickup truck to take these, which was fun.

Oak Bluffs Fireworks: This Time With Tripod

I’ve never actually been assigned to shoot fireworks; I always just photograph them for myself, and so I never want to drag a tripod with me to the beach or the docks or wherever they’re being held.

But I was on duty to photograph the annual August show in Oak Bluffs, so the tripod came along. I then spent most of the time trying to figure out the right exposure for fireworks + people silhouettes. I think I got it right for…maybe three total exposures. Definitely one of those days you’re grateful for digital.

The Fair!

I won a blue ribbon at the fair for a photo I took of the racing piggies last year (and an honorable mention for a draft horse photo. Because draft horses are the best)! Unfortunately, the piggies didn’t return this year; they were replaced by “jumping frogs,” which were, frankly, just not the same. Oh well.

There’s still lots of good things to photograph at the fair:

We all know the Lord of the Rings; this is the Lord of the Chickens.


Possible Dreams and the Impossibly Beautiful Sunset

I photographed the Possible Dreams auction on Monday night, which is an event that raises money for Martha’s Vineyard Community Services. As opposed to most auctions, where you bid on things, this auction offers experiences–usually of the one-of-a-kind sort. The things that are offered are also one-of-a-kind. Possible Dreams raised $231,000 (give or take a few hundred dollars) this year.

But for me, the very best part of the assignment was walking outside of the tent afterwards to find this sky:

I mean, wow.

When the sky turned more pink, I took this photo [which I cropped afterwards] from the base of a fountain in the park:

Here are some photos from the auction itself:

Norman Bridwell (author/illustrator of the Clifford the Big Red Dog books), his wife Norma, and Marc Brown (author/illustrator of the Arthur books). Both authors are longtime donators of Dreams to the auction. Childhood books ftw!

This year Norman Bridwell donated a painting he made of Clifford reading an Arthur book on a Vineyard beach while the Island Home comes in. Aww!

Artist Meg Mercier works on the final item of the auction, a plein aire painting of Ocean Park with the Possible Dreams tent set up. Mercier began work on the painting at 3:15 p.m. on the day of Possible Dreams, and finished about a half-hour before the event ended. (I wish I had a lens wider than my 20mm, because I really wanted the tent itself to be more obvious in the background. Oh well.)