Steve Boyleston is an 18th-century reenactor who’s been performing all over the Island throughout the summer. It was his idea to go take these portraits at a Land Bank preserve rather than just in the woods outside his home, and I cannot thank him enough for that. I did feel a little odd driving there with that rifle in the backseat of my car, though…

Hell Week 2.0

I shot Hell Week—preseason for the fall athletes—last year (in happy news, I like the photos from this year much better), and remember it being both one of the best and worst assignments I’ve ever had. It’s among the worst for obvious reasons: the teams are on the field by 6 in the morning (I’m not a morning person), and I went every single day because not all of the teams practice on any given morning. But it’s also one of the best because the light at that time of day is simply amazing.

(Not that this one ran in the paper, but I like it anyway)

The boys practice in the late afternoon, which also makes for nice light: