Island Grown Schools

One of my favorite things about Martha’s Vineyard is the commitment to locally grown food that the community shares. Schools get a sizable portion of their fruits and veggies from the farms here (I wish my school lunches had been that homegrown!), and the kids start learning about where their food comes from as soon as they get to kindergarten.

A couple weeks ago, I tagged along on a fourth-grade field trip to an apple orchard:

Texas and the 50mm: A Wedding in Waco

People keep telling me that I’m at That Age when friends start to get married seemingly right and left. I’ve only been to three so far, which doesn’t seem like that many (we’ll see what happens next summer, when the season rolls around again). I hadn’t been IN a friend’s wedding until last month, though, when I was part of the bridal party for my college roommate Kim’s wedding.

Rice ring! Yay!

Texas and the 50mm: BATS!

There is a colony of Mexican free-tailed bats (I don’t have a clue what free-tailed means) that lives underneath the Congress Avenue bridge in Austin.

More than a million bats live under said bridge, and they all come out at dusk go to find dinner. This sounded like something that would be interesting (by interesting, I mean AWESOME) to photograph, so on my last night in Austin, we went down to the river to see what was up.

We weren’t the only ones.

From a photographic standpoint, I was a little disappointed to find out that most (but not all) of the bats fly east to find their food. And I felt ridiculously hampered by the 50mm, but it was still, as expected, AWESOME. If you’re ever in Austin between May and September, definitely go check it out.

Alex’s sunglasses. No bats in this one (darn it), but you can see the Austin skyline!

Texas and the 50mm: Downtown Austin + the Capitol

After I went to Houston for a weekend, I took the bus up to Austin for a few days.

The bus ride went right through the corridor of Texas that’s been having all the wildfires. Just a wee bit scary…

I was staying with my friends Alex and Emre, who are both at UT and in classes most of the day, which meant I had a whole lot of time to just wander around downtown Austin. Since I’d never actually been to Austin before, this worked out perfectly.

That said, I don’t think Sixth Street by day is quite the same as Sixth Street by night:

I also went to the Capitol building. Twice. The first day, I just walked over to see what all the fuss was about. The second day, I decided to go inside to check things out, and walked in right as a tour was starting. Hooray!

Almost backed into the street trying to make the whole building fit into the scope of a 50mm.