Alpacas in the Snow!

I’ve been wanting to photograph alpacas in the snow since I first started my part-time job at the farm, and on Sunday, after we got 7 inches of snow here, I got my chance. I spent most of my shift shoveling the parking lot and making a pathway to the far barn, and…when I finally made it to the far barn, the herd of alpacas who live there decided that would be a great time to go explore their other pasture. And then they started frolicking around in the snow. Photo magic. I couldn’t have planned it better if I’d tried.

These were all shot with my 50mm.

Frolicking! Felix (the one in the middle) is such a little hambone.

Sledding in the First Snow

If you’re a little kid (heck, even if you’re a big kid), it must be the greatest feeling in the world to have the first snow day of the year come on a weekend. Especially if it’s a snow day that really does last all day—not just some measly little flurry that barely covers the ground.

When it first started snowing, I knew I would be out feature hunting at some point, but I had no idea where the good sledding hills were. As it happened, I drove right by this one on the way to another assignment, and when that shoot was over, came back right away.

I need to get a pair of better gloves; the fingerless ones I’ve been wearing all year are fine when it’s not windy and snowing, but…I had to cut this short because my fingertips were turning purple. Oops.

I’m working at the farm tomorrow, so am hoping to have an alpacas-in-the-snow post up then!